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Prison Story


Twelve women. Two prophesies. One mission to save the universe.

Aria had always known she’d been born with a target on her back. All her life she’s had to pretend she was never gifted with the powers of the Zodiac, Aquarius, and is one of twelve women prophesied to save the universe from being destroyed by the greed of others.

With the prophecy now in motion, the Council of Supernaturals will stop at nothing to prevent her from finishing her mission—collect the magical relics and complete the ritual. But what the Council wouldn’t expect is the lengths to which Aria will go to save those she loves.

This is a why choose romance with some darker elements and a virgin FMC. Please check my website for the list of TW.

*Auqarius Blessed is a novel in the shared world, Dawn of the Zodiacs. Make sure to read all twelve books.*

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