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This book contains content that is unsuitable for some readers.
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Connor's New Wolf

I survived the foster system.
I survived an abusive relationship.
But nothing could have prepared me for the supernatural world I literally stumbled into.

Now, the only thing standing between Anya and sure death is the mysterious Connor. He's kind, protective, and strong... everything she's always wanted in a man. But he's hiding something... something big.

Connor couldn't figure out why a female plagued his dreams each night. When the captivating and sensuous Anya turns up in the Shifter realm, some of the pieces fall into place, but plenty are still missing.

Even with the stench of secrets surrounding them, the attraction between them grows stronger every second they're together. It feels like there's a force between them, pulling them closer no matter how hard they try to fight it.

But the longer they're together, the more Connor starts to think there's a reason she stumbled into his world... a reason why she found her way there so easily.

With danger stalking her from the shadows, can Connor resist her long enough to put all the pieces of the puzzle together? Or will he succumb to desire and risk losing her forever?