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Who knew one weekend away could change your life forever?

Caught out in a storm, in the middle of the Scottish Highlands, Anya had no choice but to take shelter. After a series of mishaps, she wakes to find the most strikingly gorgeous man watching over her. From the moment she set eyes on Connor, she knew there was something different about him. But nothing could have prepared her for how different he truly was.

Connor couldn't figure out why a female plagued his dreams each night, but he knew she was in danger. It stalked her from the shadows, waiting, watching. When the captivating and sensuous Anya turns up in the Shifter realm, some of the pieces fall into place, but plenty are still missing.

Can he keep her safe as he tries to uncover the missing pieces? Or will he lose her to the darkness that hunted her?

Connor's New Wolf

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