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Hundreds of years ago, paranormal beings and humans went to war. Now humans are on the brink of extinction.

Taredd has no mercy for humans. The demon joined other paranormals to relentlessly pursue and kill humans for the way the race nearly destroyed the earth. After a bet between friends to determine the best hunter, he finds his target. All he has to do is bring the human female in alive and he’ll collect his winnings. He never counted on the fierce, determined Natalia stirring his passion. What’s worse, she temps him to see her as more than mere prey, as a being deserving life—and also his trust.


Natalia wants nothing more than to live in peace. Instead, she leads a rag-tag band of humans in an endless search for a place safe from paranormals. But when she attempts to save one of her group from certain death, a demon captures her. She refuses to cower and fights Taredd the entire way…just as she fights the respect and attraction growing within her for the smoking-hot demon.


When each begin to realize the other isn’t the monster they’ve been led to believe, the higher the desire between them flames. Soon, Taredd is faced with a decision—remain the heartless killer, or fight his own kind in order to save the woman who thawed his blackened heart?

Heart of the Hunted

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